LGV/HGV Training

Torpedo Training provide 1 to 1 LGV/HGV training in Plymouth and the southwest.

We are a local training school with a C1 7.5 tonne training vehicle for ambulance and horse box training. We do not hire vehicles for your training, your price includes everything with no hidden charges.

1 to 1 Tuition

At Torpedo Training Southwest, we pride ourselves with exclusive 1 to 1 tuition. This gives you total control of your training allowing full attention of the instructor and optimum driving time behind the wheel. Don't pay out your hard earned cash to watch someone else drive. We also do all 4 parts of your CPC training, unlike other training schools. Torpedo Training gives you what you pay for: 100% driving.

Torpedo Training works alongside SWAST to help you gain your C1 licence

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Torpedo Training

Our instructors have 17 years experience in the transport industry working closely with major distribution companies in Devon and Cornwall, to become one of their foremost and successful heavy goods vehicle driving instructors. Combined with our unique 1 to 1 personal training methods and up-to-date modern vehicles, a training package can be individually catered for. We are a local training company with a national reputation.

Thinking about joining the ambulance service or want to drive your horse box? Need to have refresher training to start that new job with supermarket home delivery? Torpedo Training can help. We are a local training company with our own C1 (7.5 tonne catagory) vehicle.

NO HIDDEN CHARGES AND WE ARE A LOCAL TRAINING COMPANY, we are not a national company who will pass you on to someone else.